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    Frequent questions

    Before submitting your request, please take a look at our Questions and Answers section here on our site. We list the most relevant ones for the franchise.

    Where do I open my ice-cream shop? Location choice

    The choice of suitable location is the first and most important decision of the future franchisee. A prestigious venue guarantees an immediate meeting between offer and demand (historical centre, squares, high density roads)

    Is a minimum area required?

    40 mq for ice-cream shop, 90 mq for ice-cream and cafeteria shop.

    Store preparation and timing?

    Once location has been chosen, the equipment will be “turnkey”, excluding masonry and plant works. The timing from project approval to implementation is between 45 and 60 days.

    Marketing & graphics?

    Our marketing office will be at the affiliate disposal for all needs.

    Initial training (costs and duration)?

    A seven days training takes place at one of our stores, if present in the chosen area or directly at the affiliate point of sale, supported by professional. Living costs are borne by the franchisee and vary according to staff learning times.