The Parent company provides furniture and equipment useful for starting the store following highest standards, essential to guarantee the correct positioning of the activity in any context it is opened.


The Parent company, carried out the inspection for the assessment of the suitability of the premises and compatibility with the furniture, develop within 40 days the preliminary functional design of the store ( together with the technical instructions to be followed by the franchisee) in addition to the rendering simulation of the new store.

The Parent company draws up a plan of expenditure for the store and issue proforma invoice. A technician shall prepare the authorisations for any necessary work.

Within a couple of months from the signature of the pre-contract the affiliate signs the contract of franchising, receives the invoice and proceeds to payment in accordance with the term agreed.

Once payment has been made, the Parent company delivers the goods of the invoice at the affiliate store, within 45 days, except for delays not attributable direct to the Parent company.

Within two months of the signing of the franchise agreement, the affiliate must open the point of sale to the public, providing the preparing organization of the inaugural event, providing the necessary material and management of local advertising based on graphic files made by parent company

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